"at crooked mile tattoo our aim is to create the best original artwork for you, by experienced artists in a friendly, professional environment."


We pride ourselves on offering the finest quality tattooing available. All of our designs are made for each individual customer and are never used again. We put all of our designs together with one eye on the past and one eye on the future, creating artwork that stands the test of time and respects tattoo culture and traditions, while also using the highest quality tools and supplies available in this modern age, enabling us to work to the highest levels of precision.

Our aim is to transform our client’s dreams into realities, and the team here at Crooked Mile Tattoo have a varied range of skills and specialities, enabling us to do just that. Whoever you are and whatever style of tattooing you want, we guarantee it will exceed all of your expectations.

Enter as a stranger, leave as a friend.

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Here at Crooked Mile we want to make sure you’re happy with what you’ve got, and that you’re going to be happy with it forever.
As well as that, we take safety, hygiene and aftercare very seriously and we’re happy to answer any questions you have about any aspect of our work, or yours.


We all make mistakes, right? Doesn’t mean we have to live with them; not when it comes to your tattoo, anyway.

We will work carefully and imaginatively with you to make sure that not only can you cover up life’s little slip-ups, you will walk away with something way better than you came in with. We can also work with existing artwork and design to improve and update it, breathing fresh life into something you already love.