founded by artist Connor Curran, Crooked Mile Tattoo is a collective of artists with one joint passion.



Connor Curran


Jamie Donnelly


Neil Campbell


Marelle Hanna


Ryan De Villeneuve


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Connor Curran

Connor was born in New York and moved to Belfast as a child, and because of his heritage has always had a fascination with Americana. It influences his tattooing immensely. Following a period of study as an apprentice he began tattooing in 2012; his specialities are American traditional designs, new traditional, illustrative blackwork, and bold Japanese pieces. A self-taught illustrator and painter, Connor also takes on commission work both for private collectors and commercial clients.

Ryan Devilleneuve

Ryan started his apprenticeship at the tender age of 15, having already started to develop his very distinctive illustrative style. Now in his 20’s, Ryan works with the confidence and expertise of a seasoned tattooer.

Neil Campbell

Neil started his tattoo career at Timepiece Tattoo, apprenticing under Gigi McQueen. Already an accomplished portrait artist, Neil quickly took to both black and grey and colour realism before he joined the team here at CMT. Pushing boundaries and styles, Neil now adds ornamental and mehndi influences to his realistic artwork, creating a very innovative and elegant personal style.

jamie donnelly

Jamie came to CMT after a decade long career at the renowned Belfast City Skinworks, already an accomplished artist in many styles, including but not limited to Neo Traditional and black and grey portraiture. One of the finest Neo Trad artists in the country, Jamie contributes massively to the huge wave of quality, innovitave tattooing now sweeping across the county.

marelle hanna

Marelle started tattooing in 2013 at Belfast City Skinworks after studying illustration at art college. Marelle’s influences are wide and varied, and it shows in her pristine artwork and makes her Neo Traditional style stand out from the crowd.

Guest Artist

We are always interested in meeting another tattooer, give us a little information and we will be in touch.


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